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Welcome to the official blog of S. E. Shinault!

Updated: Mar 22

Stellar storytelling.

That’s what I’m here to offer you. I love the challenge of taking a story that might seem too big in my brain and making it work on the page. I’m fascinated by how the human imagination can stretch and bend reality, but also by how it can help us connect with each other, even when we’re separated by time or space.

I've had the dream of becoming a published author since I was a nerdy little twelve-year-old. (If I'm honest, the nerdiness and the littleness haven't changed much with age.) I don't claim to have all the answers when it comes to writing or life in general, but I do know that we can come together and make things better—one story at a time.

Now, a little info about my writing.

I'm an up-and-coming sci-fi and fantasy author who pens about everything from daring spacefarers to post-apocalyptic survivalists—sometimes even at the same time! My goal is not to tell you what happens next, but to give you the chance to live in someone else's story for a little while.

My novels are always full of action, suspense, drama, and sometimes even a bit of romance and humor. If you enjoy reading about alternate realms where magic is real or have ever dreamed about traveling to a distant planet, then I’m sure you’ll love my books!

Right now, I'm currently editing what will be my debut novel. It's called "The Rending," a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story about family, faith, and the end of the world.

Let's go on some adventures together!

Feel free to leave a comment on this or any of my future blog posts. I love to hear from my readers, because you guys are my biggest supporters. And remember, if you'd like to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and get access to exclusive bonus content, sign up for my newsletter.


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